Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from hereITIL, then, is just what it has always been. It is a constantly evolving framework to support IT in its endeavours to be effective as a strategic asset for the business. On the one hand it provides clarity to IT personnel so that they clearly know their value and worth. On the other it shows the business that it cares about what it does and is willing to be scrutinized when appropriate. With the latest incarnation it has rightly adopted a lifecycle approach which has continual improvement and structured methods at its heart.

Evidence shows that those who use ITIL working alongside proactive, business-savvy and creative partners in the organization reap the greatest rewards. Either way ITIL is just ITIL, though an evolved ITIL and the debate about versions must finally be put to rest, as the techniques have their place in all aspects of the business, whether they are big or small.