Say bye-bye to IE: Chrome, Firefox

iefcOnce upon a time, Internet Explorer was arguably the best Internet browser. Those days have long passed, to the point where IE has been shunned by Microsoft itself. All of Microsoft’s browser efforts (except for bug fixes) have shifted to the Windows 10-only Microsoft Edge browse

If Microsoft’s put IE out to seed, so should you.

Firefox is an excellent choice if you don’t want to send your browsing history to the folks at Google. Coupled with a search engine like Duck Duck Go, which doesn’t track anything, you minimize your trackable presence on the Web. I use Firefox all the time.

Chrome, however, is my browser of choice. In spite of its snooping ways, it has the best collection of extensions, easiest operation, and best integration with Google Apps in the biz. On the downside, if you open a bunch of tabs, it sucks up a lot of cycles.